In 1970, Mr. Kao Din-Shou sold his farm land in FenYuan, Changhua county to support his eight sons establishing Ho Tung Co., a rubber and plastics recycling factory,  in Huatan.  During decades , the family members persist in Mr. Kao’s philosophy of “Honest, Decent , Conservative and  Stable” to operate the business.  They did not only turn the recycling factory into EVA foam factory, but also established See Green Co.,, Shinyau Co.,, and Chyun Jaan Co.  (Vietnam), and the main business are producing and selling materials and products of plastics and rubber foams.

Kao family bears the starting point of recycling in mind. They add recycled materials into manufacturing processes which can not only lower cost, adjust product properties, and reduce wastes.  Over the years, environmental protection concepts started to take shape.  Therefore, led by See Green Co.,, SJ Group tackled researches and developments for technologies of waste recycling and applications of recycled materials.  Accomplishments achieved include Zero Waste Factory Plan, patents of non-presorting waste recycling, and in 2009, initiated experimental plans for sports shoes and used carpets recycling. 

In order to carry out the concept of waste recycling and reuse, SJ Group cited the idea of closed loop industrial cycle from the book “Cradle to Cradle” and brought up the idea of closed loop product cycle.  The idea is to apply non-presorting waste recycling to recycle certain consumer waste and to employ renew materials to production of same product.  To fully utilize the technologies, we can minimize the impacts to natural environment caused by industrial or consumer wastes which we believe, is the responsibility of social entrepreneurs.

























Group History

HT Chemical Inc. was incorporated.
- Reprocessing plastic industrial wastes to recycled materials

Producing composite rubber shoe soles as well as SBR and PVC foaming

Producing EVA and LDPE foaming cushiony materials

Producing SBR/PVC composite rubber compound materials.

CS Chemical Inc. was incorporated.
Producing PVC/EVA foaming materials.

GK Plastic Injection Inc. was incorporated in China.
Producing EVA, PVC and PU foams and injection plastics.

SJ Rubber Inc. was incorporated
Producing natural rubber foaming materials.

Producing TPR injection sports pads.

Producing NBR foaming compound materials

DTO R/D Center is organized to develop applications of plastic and rubber
forming materials.

Producing SBR and CR compound materials.

Producing TPE and TPU compound materials.

CJ Foam Inc. was incorporated in Vietnam to produce various plastics and
rubber foams and compound materials.

Producing natural rubber memory foams.
Enhancing non-glue adhereing process.
Launching multilayer and multi-substance non-glue compound materials
Introducing Zero Waste Factory plan.

Integrating processes of continuous rubber forming web.

TSS Compound Inc. was incorporated to produce pellet compound
Introducing TPE open cell foaming process.

CC Textile Inc. was incorporated in China to enter textile business.
Implementing high-precision nano foaming process.
Launching Ergoprene materials.

Setting up Recycling Department
Introducing Cradle to Cradle Recycling Plan.
Triggering recycling program of sports shoes

Experimenting Sports Shoes Recycling Plan subsidized by Small
Business Innovation Research (SBIR) fund.
Setting up factory of recycled building material in Kunshan city, China.

To organize a R&D center in Ground Headquarter for developments of .
recycling technologies and applications of recycled materials.
To organize a team for “2050 Taiwan - Waste Free Homeland” Plan