Group Mission and Visions

 Mission Statement: Simple is the best; Just for you

 SJ Group has persisted in simplified and unpolluted manufacturing process since its first plastic forming factory incorporated in 1971.  We endeavor to standardized and systematic procedures in management, R&D and production. For the advantages of possessing  key technologies in closed-cell plastic forming and open-cell rubber forming processes, the Group can add recycled materials as  addictives in forming process to optimize physical properties of our products, and we believe to apply as many recycled materials as  ossible can help to reduce industrial and consumer waste.

 The strict requirements in carrying out “green” productions idea of the Group are fully recognized. See Green, one of the major  factories of the Group, is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factory, and in 2007, See Green was also renowned as model plant of Zero  Waste Factory of Taiwan

 People-oriented thinking is also one of the core values of the Group. Besides human-centered management, we provide career  opportunities to minority groups and encourage employees/shareholders to start up their business span off from the Group. We also  sponsor sporting events and disadvantaged group from time to time. SJ Group believes that apart from seeking growth and  profitability, a enterprise with missions and visions should contribute to the society and his homeland.


 Treasure limited natural resources
 Commit to social responsibilities
 Encourage internal venture
 Insist on substantial learning